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At Eco Vibes Boutique, we are committed to protecting the environment while providing high-quality products. We use environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our business, from sourcing ingredients to packaging products. Global Vibes Boutique is committed to sustainability, ensuring that our customers can feel good about choosing our products.

Family owned and operated, Eco Vibes Boutique was started by Gail Kaufman. With over 20 years of experience in public service, Gail has dedicated her entire career to creating environmental programs and projects that contribute toward a better world.

Today, Gail has shifted her focus to creating a line of high-end, luxury soaps and beautiful bracelets. She is committed providing friendly and sustainable products.

Gail’s passion for the environment has led her to live in the heart of the Cascades, where she is inspired by the beauty of nature. Her dedication to creating natural and sustainable products is reflected in beautifully created soaps and uniquely designed stone bracelets.